Rear Condition 1


Rear Condition 2  




Design concept : simple, light and space.
Rear house extension to two storey mid-terrace house with beautiful stepped rear garden.

In order to appreciate the view, move the existing bathroom from ground floor to the first floor as for the convenience. There will be more space for dining, storage and sitting at the rear extension, easy access via the folding-sliding doors into the garden.

Ground floor extension to the side boundary wall and rear house for cloak room, dining/storage/sitting area. Relocate kitchen to the existing middle room.

First floor extension is for study/guest room with a big rear window. Newly converted bathroom is attached with the dressing room to be located nearer to the master bedroom.

Ground kitchen will be located in the middle part of the house, become the room of main activity for gathering. Natural light will penetrate the glass roof to bring in more light to the kitchen area.

New stair from ground floor to first floor, when arrive to the landing allows one to go to rear study or to the front bathroom/dressing room. A cloak room will be tucked under the staircase overlapped to new extended dining area where the full height glazed wall storage "light boxes" effect.

From the upper floors, there is no building behind the garden wall as it is where the cemetery is. This provided opened space view, felt like it is almost in the middle of one side of the cemetery square, peaceful and quiet.

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