Front Rear view






Sky Light

                 FRONT BALCONY

                   DOUBLE VOLUMN

Client wished to have L-shape extension to the side and rear, corner of the house to be the kitchen. After several discussion, the brief development to : provide a studio on the front part of the side ground floor where the existing garage was. Allowed to enter from the front driveway independently. Next to the studio, a small cloak room tucked in under the staircase.

The rear extension will be for kitchen/dining opened to the garden by the folding - sliding doors. From the main new oak staircase landing, one can choose the direction either to the existing bedrooms or to the new first floor mezzanine sitting area / bedroom with en-suite shower room. There is an access to the rear balcony. Mezzanine will be overlooking to the front part of the ground studio.

The main concept is to be able to view to the garden as soon as entering to the reception hall area. Kitchen is the main part of the house, while in the kitchen can communicate or oversee the dining/sitting area. Sitting area allowed extended view to the rear garden or can access easily to the rear patio when opened up the folding-sliding doors. Increased natural light throughout the whole house was created.


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